M. Sideris & Son Ltd was established in 1968, to market machinery, equipment and raw materials for the plastics industry.  Until today the company’s activities are focused on plastics, making M. Sideris & Son Ltd a respected supplier to the industry, with a thorough knowledge of the market.

Over the years M. Sideris & Son Ltd has developed sources for a wide range of machinery and materials for plastics, which together with the professionalism and technical expertise of its workforce, enable the company to offer an excellent service, covering the plastics industries in Cyprus, Greece and the Middle East.

Sales are achieved both on a commission basis with orders placed directly to suppliers, and on a distribution basis for materials carried in stock.  Products handled include the following:

  • Injection moulding machines.                
  • Extrusion lines.
  • Blow moulding machines.                     
  • PET stretch blowing machines.              
  • Bag makers and Pouch makers.
  • Auxiliary equipment.
  • PET preform moulds.
  • Injection moulds.                               
  • Mould bases & components.
  • Colour & additive masterbatches.
  • Polyethylene.
  • Polypropylene.                                  
  • Polystyrene.                                     
  • PVC resin.                                                    
  • Engineering plastics.                           
  • PVC stabilisers.                                      

Although M. Sideris & Son Ltd offers a marketing service for its principals, its goal has also been to offer a technical service for its customers, helping them to upgrade their operations technically, offering them the correct products for their requirements and ensuring excellent after sales service.

In 2005 the company has set up an R&D department dedicated to the development of PET processing technologies based on the innovative, patented CYPET process. A series of single-stage PET injection-stretch-blow-moulding machines have been designed, developed and commercialized.